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2022-2023 Meet the Staff

Chris Lenerz


Chris Lenerz teaches middle and high school journalism at Pine View School in Osprey, FL. He is the adviser for two print newspapers, a news magazine, an online publication, two yearbooks, a broadcast program and a literary magazine. He’s been an FSPA member since 2012. His favorite part of advising is seeing students develop as leaders through being involved with student-run publications. He believes journalism students are presented with the opportunity to foster skills and form relationships that will benefit them for the rest of their lives.

Alyson Mizanin

Torch Editor-in-Chief

Alyson is Editor-in-Chief of The Torch. She enjoys exploring rock and metal subgenres, delving into niche movie and TV show lore, and sacrificing her sleep so she can read and attempt to write.

Lily Quartermaine

Torch Assistant Editor-in-Chief

Lily is a senior at Pine View and is the Assistant Editor-in-Chief of The Torch this year with Lora Rini, having been on the publication since her freshman year. She enjoys graphic design, poetry, and going on runs, although the latter she is not a fan of when it’s up the Building 17 staircase. You can find Lily after school asleep in the corner of the newsroom or scooping ice cream at her job. Rarely, she can be found crying while completing statistics homework.

Lora Rini

Torch Assistant Editor-in-Chief

Lora is a senior and Assistant Editor-in-Chief of The Torch. She loves smoothies, reading, and long walks, among a lot of other things.

Tiffany Yu

Copy Editor

Tiffany Yu is Copy Editor for The Torch and emotional support dog for the J4s this year. Tiffany's favorite section to write for is Opinion, which she was editor of last school year. She loves the beach and crystals, and is (in all honesty) a bit pretentious about her music — ask her to make a playlist for you, she will oblige.

Isabella Kulawik

News Editor & Spark Editor-in-Chief

Isabella is News Editor for The Torch and has been a member of the staff since 2020. Most of her time is spent playing obscure folk songs on guitar or doing homework at some ungodly hour. She loves to sing and will talk your ear off about that one Hozier song. You'll often find her watching SNL skits on YouTube or cutting out fabric for a historical sewing pattern.

Rohan Dash

News Assistant Editor

Rohan is a freshman and one of the Assistant News Editors. He has been at Pine View since fourth grade. Besides hanging out with friends and being stuck on the internet for literal hours, he enjoys reading books, practicing his violin, or playing basketball with friends. You can find him spontaneously talking about how to solve a random math problem.

Sofia Giannattasio

News Assistant Editor

Sofia joined The Torch in 2022 as a freshman and is News Assistant Editor. Many of her days are spent busy sleeping, but when she does get out of bed, she likes to cook, write, think fashionable thoughts, and make her friends listen to Queen songs until they can't stand it anymore. She cannot be found stealing Nathan's chicken nuggets in class, as she's too sly to be caught.

Jada Davidson

Entertainment Editor

Jada is a sophomore and The Torch's Entertainment Editor. She has been at Pine View since eighth grade. When she isn't trying to stay on top of schoolwork, she is listening to music, trying to come up with something to write about, overthinking and questioning everything, or scouring the depths of Reddit for memes and interesting posts (her particular favorite is r/nonpoliticaltwitter). She is a little introverted, but if you have any common interests with her, she will talk your ear off about it (and probably annoy you in the process).

Allie Chung

Sports Editor

Allie is a freshman and Sports Editor for The Torch! She has been at Pine View since second grade and joined journalism in eighth grade. She practically lives in the Sarasota Sharks swimming pool, and even though her swim team name is the Sharks, she is unreasonably afraid of them. Nevertheless, she loves going to the beach and doing sunset photoshoots with her friends.

Janice Chi

Humor Editor

Janice is the Humor Editor of The Torch. She's been at Pine View since fifth grade and is currently a freshman. When Janice is not stressing over homework, she's editing videos, decorating in her bullet journal, or counting dollar bills for her next shopping spree (even though she's going bankrupt). In order for her to feel like the main character, she has her AirPods in all day everyday, blasting music into her ears. She can often be found robbing Nathan of all his chicken nuggets with Sofia.

Lindsay Luberecki

Opinion Editor

Lindsay is a sophomore and Opinion Editor for The Torch. She spends most of her free time (if she has any outside of school, that is) listening to music, reading, shopping for records, and playing guitar. She loves to write, and as previously stated, is unhealthily obsessed with books and will spend all her money on them. She also takes dance classes and loves traveling, as well as going to the beach.

Aashima Goswami

Sci-Tech Editor

Aashima is Science & Technology Editor for The Torch. Most of her time is spent dancing or doing schoolwork. She loves to read and could talk for hours about her favorite books and all things science! She can often be found tripping over thin air — or at the Farmer's Market.

Sanya Patel

Managing Editor

Sanya is the Managing Editor for The Torch. A fun fact about her is that she fell off her kitchen counter listening to Harry Styles, but that’s a story for another day. She hopes everyone loves the paper as much as the Torch staff does.

Felicity Chang

Director of Digital Media

Felicity is the Director of Digital Media and Editor-in-Chief of PVTorch.com. In her free time, she enjoys café study sessions with matcha lattes or shopping for snacks at Trader Joe's. Unhealthily obsessed with cinematography, you'll find her either holding a grudge against Premiere Pro for crashing three times in one hour or convincing you that Canon is far superior to Nikon, obviously.

Robyn Schoenberg

Multimedia Editor

Robyn joined The Torch as a freshman and she is the Multimedia Editor of PVTorch.com. She can be found watering her plants when they are on the brink of death and somehow manages to keep a large plant collection alive. Continuing with the plant theme — she loves to go outside, especially in her garden, on trails, and near small ponds/streams. She spends most of her free time dramatically dancing to music in the comfort of her own home, cuddling up with too many blankets and pillows while she watches a good show, movie, or video.

Nathan DeSouza

Social Media Manager

Nathan joined The Torch in 2022 as a freshman. He is Social Media Manager for PVTorch.com, pretty extroverted, and enjoys talking to others. Nathan likes to spend a good amount of his time and sanity on a particular video game. Apart from that one video game, Nathan is an appreciator of music and can often be sighted with his AirPods in almost 24/7. He can be found sighing over the fact that Sofia and Janice steal his food. Don't be afraid to say "hi" to him — he won't bite.

Emmy Li


Emmy joined The Torch in 2022 as a sophomore. She is an avid pickle-hater and very much dislikes mushrooms. She is the Webmaster for PVTorch.com and likes to play video games. In her free time, she also likes to read and very much enjoys nice keyboards. She is also the No.1 Felicity fan! If you come say "hi," Emmy will be happy to engage in awkward small talk with you.

Liam Dingman

Visual Design Manager

Liam is a freshman and the Visual Design Manager for PVTorch.com. He's been at Pine View since second grade and his favorite subjects are math and geography. He has a borderline unhealthy obsession with the Tampa Bay Rays, trying to catch almost every game, and he also likes the San Francisco 49ers. Other than that, he enjoys learning Chinese, playing video games, and watching k-dramas in his free time.

Kai Sprunger

Match Editor-in-Chief

Kai is a junior and Match Editor-in-Chief. Outside of writing stories and doing layout for The Torch, she ventures to the Barnes & Noble in Sarasota alongside her friends. She enjoys drinking tea while curling up into a warm blanket to read a good book. Other than reading, Kai draws realism and animates in her free time.

Terry Shen

Assistant Match Editor-in-Chief

Terry is one of the Assistant Editors for The Match. He has been at Pine View since the sixth grade and is currently a sophomore. Terry enjoys biking, making new friends, and analyzing books of all genres.

Jiayi Zhu

Assistant Match Editor-in-Chief

Jiayi is a sophomore and Assistant Editor for The Match. She loves creating and listening to music, going to fun places, and trying new things. You can either find her dancing to her obscurely specific Spotify playlists or trashing her closet for an outfit.

Ava Lenerz

Match Layout Artist

Ava Lenerz is a freshman on The Torch and is super excited for this year. She is a Match Layout Artist and the Assistant Spark Editor-in-Chief. Her favorite food is ice cream and she has (unfortunately) been at Pine View since second grade.

Camille Wright

Match Layout Artist

Camille is a freshman and a layout artist for The Match. She has been going to Pine View since second grade. When not keeping up with homework she can be found crocheting, baking, or practicing for synchronized swimming.