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Meet the Staff

Chris Lenerz


Chris Lenerz teaches middle and high school journalism at Pine View School in Osprey, FL. He is the adviser for two print newspapers, a news magazine, an online publication, two yearbooks, a broadcast program and a literary magazine. He’s been an FSPA member since 2012. His favorite part of advising is seeing students develop as leaders through being involved with student-run publications. He believes journalism students are presented with the opportunity to foster skills and form relationships that will benefit them for the rest of their lives.

Grace Johnson

Torch Editor-in-Chief

Grace is a senior this year, and while she only came to Pine View her freshman year, she has embraced the Pine View lifestyle in its entirety ⁠— stretching her sleep schedule as far as it can go and spending more time with homework than humans. Desperately sprinting after Sarah Hassan on the way to class, Grace gets her exercise in and still remains upbeat, often narrating her to-do list through song, a British accent, or both.

Sarah Hassan

Torch Assistant Editor-in-Chief

Sarah is the Assistant Editor-in-Chief of The Torch. You can often see Grace frantically trailing behind Sarah to match her fast walking pace. One of Sarah’s pastimes include consistently yelling at Joanna, the human alarm.

Peyton Harris

Torch Assistant Editor-in-Chief

Peyton is a senior and Assistant Editor-in-Chief of The Torch. She loves the color pink and the smell of cookies coming out of the oven. She can be found at any point crying in her car or staring silently at pictures of Don Cheadle and Facebook memes.

Sarah Catalano

Copy Editor

Sarah is a copy editor for The Torch, alongside Isabella Gaskill, with whom she co-parents two ungrateful gobies. Sarah is a circus clown, an ice cream enthusiast, and can solve a Rubik’s cube in under one minute. She loves writing entertainment stories and (unfortunately) using Comic Sans.

Isabella Gaskill

Copy Editor

Isabella is a copy editor for The Torch, alongside Sarah Catalano, with whom she co-parents two ungrateful gobies. When not working on The Torch, she is probably bingeing horror movies or doing a deep dive on celebrity drama from the 2010s. If you want strong opinions on obscure and irrelevant pop culture, she's the one to talk to.

Joanna Malvas

Managing Editor

You can spot Joanna spontaneously frolicking and dancing at any given moment, whether or not she is sleep-deprived. Despite having attended Pine View since the second grade, she can't walk a meter without running into a pole. As the Torch's human alarm, you can frequently find Joanna being yelled at by Sarah Hassan.

Lora Rini

Match Editor-in-Chief

Lora is a junior and Match Editor-in-Chief. In her free time, she enjoys reading, baking, and buying cool room décor.

Felicity Chang

Web Editor-in-Chief

Felicity is the Editor-in-Chief for PVTorch.com along with Photos Editor for The Torch and The Match. She spends her afternoons configuring far too many posts and pages to count – yes, including the one that you’re reading through right now. Unhealthily obsessed with cinematography, you'll find her either holding a grudge against Premiere Pro for crashing three times in one hour or convincing you that Canon is far superior to Nikon, obviously.

Alyson Mizanin

Torch News Editor

Alyson is The Torch's News Editor and the Humans of Pine View Editor. When she isn't awaiting the release of the Rick Grimes movies, she wastes away her afternoons reading, attempting to write, and scouring Internet archives.

Lindsay Luberecki

Torch Assistant News Editor

Lindsay is a freshman and Assistant News Editor for The Torch. She spends most of her free time (if she has any outside of school, that is) listening to music, shopping for records, playing guitar, and reading. She also takes dance classes and loves going to the beach.

Isabella Kulawik

Torch Sci & Tech Editor

Isabella is Sci & Tech Editor for The Torch. Most of her time is spent playing obscure folk songs on guitar or doing homework at some ungodly hour. She loves to sing and will talk your ear off about that one Hozier song. You'll often find her watching SNL skits on YouTube or watching tutorials about historic dress making.

Lily Quartermaine

Torch Entertainment Editor

Lily is a junior at Pine View and Entertainment Editor of The Torch. As the Editor-in-Chief of The Spark, the middle school magazine, she's also The Torch's resident Tween Expert. She enjoys yelling about romcoms, dying her hair impulsively, and managing eighth-grade drama. Beyond that, she considers herself a passionate artist and professional daydreamer.

Faith Bossman

Torch Features Editor

Faith is the Features Editor of The Torch. She loves spending her time in aerial silks and baking perfectly wrinkly chocolate chip cookies. She has many opinions that only become controversial when she makes them controversial (i.e. olives).

Jada Davidson

Torch Sports Editor

Jada is a freshman and The Torch's Sports Editor. She has been at Pine View since eighth grade. When she isn't trying to stay on top of schoolwork, she is listening to music, hanging out with her dog Ace, trying to come up with something to write about, creating theories about things, overthinking everything, or scouring the depths of YouTube for memes.

Aly Zaleski

Torch Humor Editor

Aly is a freshman and the Humor Editor of The Torch. Her entire life so far amounts to a constant state of dread due to her Hamilton phase in 2018. If you knew her then, she promises you didn't. She’s most often found in an assortment of her favorite teachers' classrooms crying over the disappearance of the Batman bench.

Tiffany Yu

Torch Opinion Editor

Tiffany is a junior and the Opinion Editor of The Torch. She loves meeting new people and can often be found either taking forever to reply to your snaps or spouting about her current favorite album. Her favorite things in life include the ocean, the beach, the sea... wait, those are all the same thing.

Zoe Merritt

Graphics Editor

Zoe is a senior and graphics editor for The Torch, who's been at Pine View for a literal decade. When not sneaking into concert pits and hanging with friends, she can be found binge-watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer or acquiring pre-mature hearing loss by blasting Nirvana on I-75.

Lucy Collins

Social Media Editor

Lucy is a senior and Social Media editor. She enjoys reading and working out. She loves to box, run, and weight lift. Her happy place is the ocean, and is continuing her scuba diving education to explore it more.

Shelby Brann

Web Assistant Editor

Shelby is a freshman and PVTorch.com's Assistant Editor; she’s often seen haunting the bookshelves of (the original) Barnes and Noble of Sarasota, drinking tea like water, and going down rabbit holes on Wikipedia — a dying yet favored website. Please send any questions regarding history facts or obscure quotes to her email: shelby.brann@pvtorch.

Eva-May Elmer

Match Assistant Editor

Eva-May moved to Sarasota two years ago from England, so lots of the time people don’t know what she's saying. She essentially breathes music, and a majority of her brain is filled with song lyrics. At the time of writing this, she is frequently baking pies and reading books.

Kai Sprunger

Match Assistant Editor

Kai is a sophomore and Assistant Editor for The Match. In her free time, she likes to read, draw and watch movies. However, she can't cook for the life of her, so don't let her into your kitchen.

Jiayi Zhu

Match Layout Artist

Jiayi is a freshman this year and one of the Match Layout Artists. She loves channeling her creative side, competitively playing card and board games, and passionately debating her love/hatred for controversial foods.

Terry Shen

Match Layout Artist

Terry is Layout Artist for The Match. He has been at Pine View since the sixth grade and is currently a freshman. Besides working on journalism stories, in his very limited free time, he enjoys swimming, hanging out with friends, and reading fiction books.