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Want to Join Journalism?


Are you an eighth-, ninth-, or tenth-grader who is interested in being part of The Torch? Get an application from Mr. Lenerz in Portable 3 or from the front office. If you have any additional questions regarding becoming part of The Torch, we encourage you to email us at web@pineviewtorch.com.

2022-2023 Torch Application

Interested in joining the yearbook or broadcast staff? Applications for The View and Blue & Gold Broadcasting are available below:

2022-2023 Yearbook Application

2022-2023 Broadcast Application


Q: How much of a commitment is The Torch?

A: As you progress from freshman to senior, the workload will increase overtime. New staffers have a less amount of work similar to homework of a typical class, but if you get more involved an upperclassman, the work can be similar to that of a light part-time job (around five hours a week).

Q: What kind of work will I do on The Torch?

A: Every student writes for The Torch, The Match, and The Torch Web, and also contributes story ideas for each issue. Members of The Torch and The Match will also layout pages of each issues as they get more experienced. Additionally, if you are interested in photography or graphic design (or have prior experience), you can join those respective sections to learn more and contribute in that way.

Q: How is The Torch different than a regular class?

A: Unlike most other lecture-based classes with notes, projects, and tests, the students run the class. This does not mean The Torch is necessarily an easy class. You will be expected to talk with people you have never met before and establish a friendly and professional relationship with them. Your grade will often be determined by your peers based on the effort you put into your work.

Q: Why should I join?

A: The class offers a unique experience not available in most other classes. Instead of a lecture-based class with notes and tests, the class is based on learning through experience. Practice in the form of interviews, story-writing, and photography managed on your own time makes the class special and will allow you to grow as a person in terms of social skills, time management, organization, and more.

Q: What’s the difference between working on The Match and The Torch Web?

A: The Match is intended for a younger audience, and as part of The Match staff, you can expect to experience layout earlier on. The Torch Web is our online publication on which we feature exclusive stories in a more timely fashion. You can expect to learn the basics of running the technical aspect of the website (even if you don’t have prior experience), and also will have more writing experience because of the type of work we do.

Q: How can I follow The Torch?

A: Check out our Facebook or Instagram.